Camp HOPE is a one-day grief support camp for children and their families. Our school-based bereavement services are kicked off each year with Camp HOPE, a one-day grief support camp for K-12 students that incorporates many “tools of expression,” including equine-assisted learning, crafts, music, outdoor activities and more.  In 2015, Shepherd’s Cove Hospice expanded Camp HOPE to include a Spring camp open to the community that would incorporate the entire family unit.

At Camp HOPE, participants join in arts and crafts, music, equine activities, organized play and closing ceremonies, all designed to help the campers understand their emotions, cope with tragedy, and process grief.

The objectives of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice’s Camp HOPE are to 1) provide grief support for individuals/families, 2) promote positive education concerning death/dying, grief and the possible effects in the lives of youth,  3) promote positive coping skills to decrease negative grief reactions (such as: school absenteeism and other at-risk behaviors) 4) allow children and grieving families to have fun on purpose while surrounded by others who have experienced a similar loss, helping them to feel supported and know that they are not alone.

For more information on Shepherd’s Cove Hospice’s grief support services (including Camp HOPE) contact Stacey Johnson, LBSW, or 256-891-7724.

Check out a video from our community Camp HOPE below: