by Ann German, Bereavement Assistant

I was thrilled to participate in the 70th anniversary celebration event held at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville with my husband, a WWII vet. We were honored to travel with World War II Vets and their family members by bus to the event. Senator Clay Scofield sponsored the bus trip from Marshall County and greeted us as we boarded the bus with a handshake and appreciation for the sacrifice of service.

My own organization, Hospice of Marshall County, provided cards and homemade snack gift bags to all of us to enjoy on the bus trip. It warmed my heart to see the responses of the veterans as they opened each card and exclaimed, “Look, they all signed the card!” Hospice of Marshall County has a commitment to ensuring that “quality, compassionate, end of life care” specifically meets the special needs of our veterans. We are participating in NHPCO (National Organization of Hospice and Palliative Care) We Honor Veterans program to ensure we recognize and meet those needs.

As I observed members of ‘the greatest generation’ assemble at the event by wheelchair, walker, canes, or some with a steady gait, it brought tears to my eyes. The most impactful part of the program for me was the “Ceremonial Torch of Freedom” ceremony. The passing of the torch is symbolic of the brotherhood of Military Service to the Nation. As the ‘torch’ was passed from military personnel representing each war from World War II to our present day military in action, it humbled me to reflect on the importance of those missions and the sacrifices made for you and me.

As the ceremonial passing of the torch was complete, I thought about the similarities of the torch we at Hospice of Marshall County are passing on as well. We are on a mission….a mission to provide end of life care and to ensure that compassionate care is available for future generations.

Veterans, you are not forgotten at Hospice of Marshall County. You served us in our time of need, now it is our time to serve you in your time of need.