2015 Heart of Hospice Award Recipient

The 2015 Heart of Hospice recipient, Jamie Gore has been referred to as a “quiet GIANT” for HMC for 20 years. “I believe that God directs our paths and as such, I believe it was destined for Hospice of Marshall County’s and Jamie Gore’s paths to cross – not once, not twice but at least in three very distinct situations,” said Rhonda Osborne, HMC CEO, “And, along that path, Jamie chose to give to HMC. Many times fundraising activities for HMC can be FRIEND raising activities. HMC was blessed when a friend was raised with Jamie.”

Gore’s first experience with HMC was in 1995, through the care of his mother in law. Gore always stated that HMC brought dignity, respect and comfort to this special person in his life as the team provided home hospice care.

Then in 2009, the paths crossed once more as HMC provided services to Gore’s uncle. This was his first exposure to Shepherd’s Cove. He quoted his uncle who said that Shepherd’s Cove was “a little bit of heaven on earth” but went on to say the “people at Shepherd’s Cove made all the difference”.

After his experiences with HMC, Gore wanted to give something back to HMC. In 2011 he identified a grant opportunity through his company that would benefit HMC. He sought out Susan Sanders, HMC’s Community Relations Director. Also about that time, Susan was coordinating a fundraiser for HMC – a yard sale, which was the foundation and the beginning of the HMC Thrift Shoppe. Gore wanted to volunteer and give back more to HMC for at least two reasons. One – he expressed his appreciation of HMC’s services to his family on the two different occasions; Secondly – a requirement of the grant was volunteerism. So what better way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?   Together, Gore and Susan were able to produce a 2-minute video sharing the merits of HMC and why he chose HMC as his charity of choice for giving not only of his monetary donations but of his valuable time.

and finally, our paths crossed at one of Gore’s largest intersections of his life. In 2014, he honored HMC in the most intimate way. He entrusted HMC with the end of life care for his precious wife. Because Gore and his wife had touched many in the community, their experience was yet another venue where he advocated and raised awareness on HMC’s behalf.

Gore has been one of HMC’s biggest advocates for many years. He supports our events and more importantly, supports our mission through his service, his testimony and his example. He wants no recognition for his service to HMC but we would be remiss not to acknowledge and thank him for his many acts of kindness towards HMC. One of the most powerful statements Gore made about HMC was in the 2011 video. He stated that Hospice of Marshall County “makes the unbearable bearable; the ugly beautiful and is the light of hope in the darkest of times”.

Jamie Gore makes a difference for HMC. He speaks and shares from the heart in a way that inspires others to get involved with Hospice of Marshall County. He is more than a supporter, he is passionate and cares deeply for our mission—he is our friend and the HEART of Hospice!

Upon receipt of the award, Gore stated, “It is such an honor. It just blows me away. I’m very humbled.”

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