by Vickie Watson, Public Relations Specialist

I had the distinct honor of sitting in on an interview with the Sand Mountain Reporter of one of our faithful volunteers, Shirley Lybrand.

I have known Shirley for several years, but my experience with her was always her willingness to help fold the 2,000+ quarterly newsletters HMC published. She always had such a cheerful disposition and would bring a smile to my face at every encounter. But, as I listened to her stories (and her heart) about serving patients and families, I developed a whole new form of respect for this wonderful lady.

You see, Shirley had been served by HMC during the illness of both her mother and mother-in-law. After some time had passed in her bereavement, she decided she wanted to give something back, not only to HMC, but to others with similar experiences with terminal illness.

Shirley loves people. She loves to serve others. Her favorite part of volunteering is simply having an opportunity to be with patients and their families. For more details about Lybrand’s story and experiences, read the article, “Giving the gift of time: Hospice volunteer cites precious memories during National Volunteer Week” published by the Sand Mountain Reporter.